I  have always been interested in painting but working full time and raising a family left me little time to seriously devote to it.

Once  I retired, I decided to take up pastel painting which I had dabbled at through the years. I took a class at the Springfield Art Association and  made the acquaintance of several experienced pastel painters from whom I  learned quite a bit.  At first I tried traditional pastel subjects like  landscapes, flowers, sunsets, etc.  However, I soon discovered that my talent was not in accurate reproductions of nature.  Instead I found  that I needed to release my imagination, use a freer hand and put my own slant on things.  

I began experimenting with cityscapes in which buildings were slanted, angles distorted and viewpoints  exaggerated.  My style demanded that accuracy take a back seat to pleasing shapes, forms and colors.  My representations, I realized, were not so much what the subject actually looked like but to the feeling it emoted.  Since my work was semi-cartoonish in nature, I moved on to trying my hand at caricatures of celebrities and other subjects.  

I  have only been painting for about 3 years and my style is still  evolving.  I work every day on my craft, have already received several commissions and presently have some of my work displayed at various  sites in Springfield.  I am excited about where my talent may lead me in the future.


I  am the author of six novels and a collection of some of my short  stories.  The titles and publishers are listed below.  Through the years  I have had dozens of short stories published in various magazines and  anthologies. Several of my tales have received Honorable Mentions in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.  

Published Works


 "Thanks again, Phil, for that great painting of Jimi Hendrix. Maybe you will find time to do Neil Young for me next. Love your Wrigley! Paint on! "


"I love your vision of the Dana Thomas House! It is a special place. Just absolutely love your talent! "


" You can take the girl out of the Capitol but you can’t take the Capitol out of the girl 💕 Thank you for this original 3D art piece of the Springfield capitol!"